Home Hemodialysis

Home hemodialysis is a dialysis treatment that allows patients with ESRD to receive treatment at home. It involves using a hemodialysis machine to filter waste and excess fluids from the blood, similar to traditional hemodialysis treatments. Home hemodialysis offers the convenience of performing treatment on the patient’s own schedule and in their own home.


Symptoms Of Kidney Failure Can Include


Kidney Failure Can Result From A Variety Of Conditions

Who Should Be Treated

Home hemodialysis may be a good option for patients with ESRD who are able and willing to perform their own dialysis treatments at home. It may be particularly beneficial for patients who have difficulty traveling to a dialysis center or who have limited mobility.

Dos And Don'ts For Acute Kidney Failure

Follow the treatment plan provided by your healthcare team, including your dialysis schedule, diet, and medication regimen.



How It Is Treated

Home hemodialysis is typically performed using a specialized hemodialysis machine designed for home use. The machine is connected to the patient’s bloodstream via a catheter or fistula. Patients typically perform treatments several times a week for several hours at a time, depending on their individual treatment plan. A healthcare team provides training and support to ensure safe and effective treatment.

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